Connected shrimp farming in Tahiti

  • A continuous monitoring
  • Precise physico-chemical parameters
  • Instant alerts

Our real-time monitoring offer

Sensitive sensors and instant alerts to react quickly to protect a production very sensitive to water variations.

Shrimp production is an activity very sensitive to environmental changes.

The changes that can occur in a shrimp production pond have a very strong impact on the animal. These changes sometimes occur very quickly and the impact on the health of the shrimp is immediate. One of the most crucial parameters is dissolved oxygen but also the pH which must not vary beyond a specific range. If the problem is not detected early, shrimp can suffer very quickly and massive losses can be seen within hours.

The most important is to be able to alert immediately.

Measures can be taken to compensate for the changes detected in the shrimp production areas. However, for this to happen it is necessary to be able to be alerted quickly and immediately. Our AquaReal system makes it possible to alert in less than 10 seconds as soon as the measurement exceeds the limits defined by the aquaculturists. There are many alert methods: SMS, email but also voice call. Thanks to these alerts, the reaction is immediate. The aquaculturist can go on site to act immediately, but if remote activation processes are already in place, AquaReal can directly activate them.

The risk of production loss is reduced

Thanks to very precise, continuous and remote monitoring, combined with immediate alerts, the reaction to a decrease of oxygen or an increase in pH is almost instantaneous. Our clients no longer experience changes, but they follow them closely in order to react immediately. Production is thus better controlled and the risk of loss of production is reduced.

Easy and secure installation.

Our products are perfectly suited to the turbid waters of shrimp farming. Our probes are robust and withstand continuous deployment in ponds. Installation is easy with a stand-alone box to be installed on the edge of the pool and a receiver that can be located in offices several kilometers away.


Discover our installation in Tahitian shrimp ponds with the AquaReal offer and 2 additional probes : temperature, oxygen, turbidity and pH