Coral Reefs surveillance in Moorea

  • A sensitive ecosystem
  • Valuable insights with continuous monitoring
  • Keys to understand global warming

Our real-time offer

The first connected lagoon in Moorea. Valuable insights for global warming prevention.

Coral monitoring, CRIOBE's mission

In Moorea, in French Polynesia, CRIOBE is committed to a mission of understanding and preserving corals. The very fragile lagoon ecosystem is impacted by global warming, which endangers the coral reefs.

Bioceanor has deployed a connected buoy in Moorea in order to monitor the physicochemical parameters of the lagoon in real time. This makes it possible to correlate the measurements of the CRIOBE scientists with the observations of the buoy.

Discover our deployment in Moorea with the Aquareal+ offer and the following parameters: temperature, oxygen, salinity, pH, chlorophyll and AquaBUOY option.