Environmental monitoring

  • Understand change in the water environment
  • Protect the marine ecosystem
  • Anticipate upcoming issues
  • Traceability

Our offers

Our solution can be deployed in any environmental condition

Environmental monitoring

AquaREAL, its services and associated options such as buoys allow you an efficient and continuous environmental monitoring. Bioceanor solutions are chosen to analyze water quality in many sectors such as : monitoring of water bodies, beaches and bathing areas, studies of protected areas.


Monitoring of water bodies

Bodies of water (fresh or salt) may be subject to changes impacting the biodiversity of the environment. Bioceanor can help you monitor these changes with our AquaREAL  solution. But Bioceanor can also help you go beyond this monitoring with our AquaSTAT offer which allows you to entrust us with your data histories and to provide you with a detailed and personalized analysis of the dynamics of the environment. It can also be used as a pre-study before the deployment of AquaREAL solution to analyze the best place to deploy.


Monitoring of beaches and bathing areas

The beaches and bathing areas are subject to recurrent microbiological quality controls by the authorities. Between these samples, which are very spaced out in time, Bioceanor solutions allow continuous monitoring of physicochemical parameters with our AquaREAL solutions but also a prediction of microbiological risks thanks to our AquaBIO offer which will soon be available. This makes it possible to better understand the dynamics of the environment which can lead to contamination, and thus to act more quickly.


Studies of protected areas

Marine protected areas are in essence very fragile ecosystems and sensitive to environmental change. The acidification of the oceans, and more broadly global warming, are phenomena that are still difficult to understand at the scale of a particular ecosystem. Our AquaREAL solutions help scientists to study these phenomena thanks to a continuous monitoring that can be correlated very quickly with samples or scientific observations. Thanks to our skilled R& D team, we also work closely with scientists from all horizons to answer many fundamental or applied questions.


Port surveillance, maritime works

AquaREAL and associated services can monitor the quality of port water and monitor events such as environmental eutrophication. Our experts guide you towards the ideal configuration in order to deploy in the right place with the sensors most suited to your particular situation.

Our service offers are also suitable for impact monitoring during maritime works via an alert network that will be set up.



Our solutions have no application limit, contact us so that we can define, with you, the solutions adapted to your project.