Gunter Pauli joins BiOceanOr adventure


Sustainable development specialist by our side !

Gunter Pauli is the pioneer of sustainable development and blue economy.

His book "Blue Economy" has sold several million copies and has reached more than 200 projects that have generated 4 billion investment and 3 million jobs.


Gunter has accepted to join the BiOceanOr adventure by becoming an external member of our monitoring committee in 2021. As an expert entrepreneur, he will advise BiOceanOr in its economic development but above all by helping us to develop our activities in a sustainable and responsible manner.


Our first 2021 follow-up committee took place on April 12th and we have already had great discussions with committee members.

We are very proud to welcome Gunter to our journey, and we look forward to accomplish great things together.


We asked Gunter to answer a few questions to demonstrate his commitment to Bioceanor:

  • How did you hear about BiOceanOr ?

Thanks to the Tour de France with Idriss Aberkane we made the discovery of extraordinary companies and entrepreneurs including BiOceanOr and Charlotte Dupont when we settled in Sophia Antipolis to surprise us with the major initiatives in the region.  And what a nice surprise was our meeting with BiOceanOr!

  • Why support the startup BiOceanOr ?

It's obvious - the integration of multiple technologies by offering solutions with multiple benefits by offering a platform for discovering our seas and oceans  is an essential asset. I believe that BiOceanOr  is just the beginning of these breakthroughs in the ocean-friendly technology market. We need it if we want to recover our seawater.

  • What can you bring as a Board member?

My contribution will be modest but I will focus on (1) the creation of synergies with other technology clusters, I am thinking among others of LiFi, communication by way of light  because wave radios (WiFi or 5G) do not work in water (2) clusters of technologies to clean seawater from micro and nanoplastics

and of course (3) promotion and marketing after I have grasped the great potential

  • What do you like about the BiOceanOr project?

This is unreasonable, full of vision, but with your feet on the ground!