Inland Aquaculture

  • Continuous monitoring
  • Activate your equipment
  • Autonomous and automated
  • Performed your production models

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An offer for all type of inland aquaculture

Inland aquaculture

Recirculating system

AquaREAL is fitted to recirculating aquaculture. The quality of the water in this type of production is important and requires real-time vision in order to act as quickly as possible when the values ​​exceed the set thresholds. Combined with other BiOceanOr services, the AquaREAL solution is the ideal system for your monitoring. We can monitor a large number of parameters, including crucial parameters such as dissolved oxygen. All of your equipment can be connected to AquaREAL (solenoid valves, aerators, feeders).


Shrimp production

Peneiculture is a sensitive production, which can go from a normal state to a state of alert in just 1 to 2 hours. High frequency 24/7 monitoring, as offered by our AquaREAL solution suite, is a real asset for the management of your farms. Our AquaBIO services will allow you to plan your actions on the basins, predict your load plan and operate your aerators in an optimal way.


Any type of inland aquaculture application.

Our products are also perfectly suited for other types of inland aquaculture, such as fish farming in outdoor ponds, aquaponics or the production of spirulina. Immediate alerts make it possible to act directly on particular events on productions sensitive to changes. Larvae nurseries intended for aquaculture are also one of those very fragile and change-sensitive productions for which our products provide immediate action capacities.