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Discover our partners : whether they have been following us since the beginning of the adventure or more recently, they are contributing to the success of Bioceanor!

Our operational partners


CLS logo

CLS is a global company and pioneer provider of monitoring and surveillance solutions for the Earth, created in 1986. We are subsidiary of the French Space Agency (CNES) and CNP, an investment firm. Our mission is to create innovative space-based solutions to understand and protect our planet and to manage its resources sustainably. CLS employs 750 people at our headquarters in Toulouse (France) and in 27 other sites around the world. The company works in five strategic markets: sustainable fisheries management, environmental monitoring, maritime surveillance, fleet management, and energy & mining. CLS processes data from 100,000 transponders per month (such as drifting buoys, animal tags, VMS transponders, & LRIT tracking) and observes the oceans and inland waters (more than 20 instruments onboard satellites daily deliver information to CLS on the world's seas and oceans). In addition, we monitor land and sea activities by satellite (nearly 10,000 radar images and several hundred drone flights are processed each year).  Committed to a sustainable planet, the company works every day for the Earth, from Space.


CLS supports Bioceanor in the collection of satellite data to feed the prediction models, in the transmission of data by Iridium for our very isolated deployments and in the development of Bioceanor internationally.


norce logo

The Norwegian Research Center NORCE is a research institute owned by the Norwegian government. It is one of the largest research organizations in Norway. It was founded in 2017 as a result of the merger of several university research institutes and has around 900 employees.

NORCE contributes to the sustainable development of aquaculture by realizing its expertise to solve fundamental problems and applications within the aquaculture industry. Important disciplines are physiology, fish welfare, production biology and technological solutions.


NORCE supports the development of Bioceanor in Norway through research and development projects in aquaculture and advice on business development. & nbsp;


iFishIENCi is an EU Horizon 2020 research project bringing together 16 partners in a transdisciplinary effort to make real improvements in aquaculture management and practices. General objective of the iFishIENCi project is to provide new smart feeding technologies to support ambitious but sustainable growth of the European aquaculture industry.

The project uses advanced digital information technology to monitor all aspects of fish and their environment. This cutting-edge research is combined with a holistic understanding of how these new technologies will interact with society and parties in terms of economics, politics, social welfare, animal welfare and ethics. The project lasts 4 years until 2022.


Bioceanor participates in the iFishIENCi project as an active member of the consortium and participates in particular in the deployments of sensors in recirculating systems and in the analysis of data from the experiments thanks to its expertise in AI.


ASTRAL is a European Union Horizon 2020 collaborative project that focuses on integrated multi-trophic aquaculture farming (IMTA).

The objectives include defining, supporting and promoting this type of sustainable aquaculture production across the Atlantic area.

ASTRAL focuses on Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) and defines, supports and promotes this type of sustainable aquaculture production in the Atlantic area. ASTAL's overall objective is to develop new sustainable, profitable and resilient value chains for integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA) production within the framework of existing, emerging and potential Atlantic markets. The project lasts 4 years until 2024.


Bioceanor participates in the ASTRAL project as an active member of the consortium and participates in particular in the deployment of a solution for measuring water quality specific to IMTA and for data analysis thanks to AI to define relevant indicators for the development of IMTA in the Atlantic.

Our financial partners

Our financial partners help us to develop and mobilize the necessary resources at the right time, to be able to evolve and grow serenely. They support Bioceanor at different stages of its development.

Région Sud Investissement

Région Sud Investissement is the regional co-investment fund created in 2010 by the Région Sud to support the emergence and development of regional growth companies.

The fund is one of the 13 tools of the FIER (Investment Fund for Companies in the Region) and embodies the new dynamic that the SUD Region wishes to build with companies.

The FIER, which brings together a range of tools adapted to all stages of a company's life, should enable within three years the financing of nearly 10,000 companies thanks to the mobilization of nearly € 300 million. Région Sud Investissement, eventually endowed with € 120 million, benefits from European support through the ERDF fund to the tune of 42% of its capacity.

Since July 2011, this Fund, advised by the Turenne Capital Group for the management of its holdings, has already invested in 94 regional companies for a total amount of € 48.290 million.

Région Sud Investissement has also set up a participatory loan activity for regional VSEs / SMEs, advised by ACG Management, on amounts between € 15K and € 200K.



Created in 2011 and located in Brussels, the Inventures Investment Partners fund supports technological startups with a strong impact (according to the criteria of Sustainable Development Objectives defined by the UN) and highlighting implementing sustainable innovations that are financially profitable. Inventures is the first Impact fund at European level. Inventures has two funds under management for a total amount of € 50M: INVENTURES I with 12 investments and INVENTURES II which has invested to date in 9 companies at European level.


Blue Oceans Partners

BOP logo

Created in 2019 and based in Paris, the company Blue Oceans Partners aims to take stakes in innovative projects having a positive impact for the restoration of the health of our oceans and the achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goal 14. As a first step, Blue Oceans Partners' investment strategy focuses on innovations that help tackle two of the main threats to our oceans: overfishing and plastic pollution.


BPI France

Bpifrance is a public investment bank, a French organization for financing and developing businesses. It is the result of the merger of Oséo, CDC Entreprises, FSI and FSI Régions. It is in particular responsible for supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, medium-sized enterprises and innovative enterprises in support of public policies of the State and the regions.