Our solution

  • Suitable for all environments
  • Disruptive technologies : IoT and AI

AquaREAL Virtual water quality assistant The first underwater weather station for real-time and predictive water quality monitoring.

Time saving & improved productivity

By measuring remotely your water quality, you can save operationnal time. Just check out AquaREAL dashboard anywhere, even on your phone, and take faster decisions.

Data traceability

Your data is stored in our servers and can always be restored. It helps you maximize the traceability of your production data.

Prediction and alerts

Should any issue occur, get alerted by email, SMS, or phone call. Always trust your data with the predictive maintenance. Anticipate oxygen variations with our revolutionnary prediction tool.

Lower costs

Closely and remotely monitor and antipate your water quality allows you to better adapt your practices and drastically reduce your feeding and operational costs.

You'd like to discover how our AquaREAL solution works ?

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A cloud-based and autonomous monitoring system

Discover our revolutionnary tool to measure and anticipate water quality variations.

Your location

Pounds, open-sea cages, rivers, lakes or beaches ?

Our devices or your devices

Choose our AquaBOX (fixed module) or AquaBUOY (floating module), depending on your needs. Already equipped ? No problem, we can work with your devices.

Your parameters

Choose your physic-chemical parameters to equip your module. We offer up to 14 parameters (DO, pH, T°, ChlA,...)

Connectivity and data sending

Our solutions are equipped with LoRaWan technology and will soon be connected with Iridium technology. In both cases, your data is stored securely in our servers and can only be accessible by you on the cloud.

Data visualization

We offer a modularity of our subscription to AquaREAL Web Platform. Our system is plug & play. Now you can monitor 24/7, worldwide and securely ! We can also offer API access, to integrate data in your own platform.

Prediction and alerts level

Be alerted anytime by SMS, phone call or email if any issue is detected on your water quality. You choose the thresholds you want or let us advise you on the best thresholds adapted to your needs. Suscribe to our AquaBIO module for oxygen prediction or smart maintenance to help you anticipate the oxygen issues 24h in advance with reliable data.