Our team

  • Engaged
  • Passionated
  • Multi-Experts
  • Agile

Our Blue Team is composed of multi-disciplinary experts that are commited to innovate for a better future.

The founders





Dr. Samuel Dupont


Marine biologist, expert in marine microbiology












Dr. Charlotte Dupont

Executive Director

Systems biologist, expert in data analysis







The technical team






Dr. Maxime Paris

Chief Technical Officer

Marine biologist, aquaculture expert












Dimitri Trotignon

Chief Data Officer

Data Scientist











Skander Ben Mahmoud

AquaREAL Software development manager

Software engineer












Ahmed Janati

AquaREAL Electronic development manager

Embedded systems engineer











Lucas Schaeffer













Katarina Milivojevic

Data Scientist Intern













Amine El Farssi

Data Scientist Intern













Nizar Samadi

Embedded software intern






The sales & marketing team






Marilou Suc

Chief Marketing Officer













Aurélie Thomas

Chief Commercial Officer












Arthur Caulliez

Technical Sales Manager












Charles Flahault

Business Developer Norway













Frederic Veyssiere

Vice President Business Development North America






The administrative team






Fanny Brothier

Chief Financial Officer













Coralie Daride

Office manager