Our values

  • Protect our resources
  • Promote sustainable activities
  • Better understand our environment

Passionated about technology for the oceans and experts in aquaculture and oceanography, we are committed to preserve our resources in a sustainable manner.

Our values

Bioceanor develops tools to monitor and control the quality of environmental water. Our products and services are part of an ecological approach to preserve resources.


In the aquaculture sector, we promote a better understanding of the surrounding environment and we help to understand the impact of activities on the ecosystem. We strongly believe in the potential of aquaculture to feed an increasingly populated planet, but we also believe that the growth of aquaculture while respecting the environment is a sustainable approach that must be strongly supported.


In the field of environmental monitoring, we provide monitoring tools that increase knowledge of environments and awaken consciousness. When we do not know what is happening in the water of a port, a beach or a lagoon, we cannot find solutions to act. We are campaigning for a better understanding of all aquatic environments and the impact of human activities on these environments. This is the first step in finding solutions to reduce human footprint on the oceans.


In line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, the United Nations defined 17 sustainable development goals for 2030. These goals are addressed to all governments, but also to companies and associations. The aim is to promote prosperity, while preserving the planet and its resources, for sustainable and controlled development.


On the occasion of the 5 years of this program and the 75 years of the UN, we encourage you to watch this video which describes the current world and the challenges that remain to be overcome for a more just world.



As for us, we are committed to 3 sustainable development goals of the United Nations.



These commitments push us to find solutions to reduce marine pollution and minimize the impact of ocean acidification. But also to improve the protection of marine ecosystems while educating about climate change and its effects. Even if Bioceanor can do only a tiny bit of these ambitious challenges, we do our best to ensure that it can contribute to a better world.

Technologies with a positive impact on the planet

Our products and services use new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. When used in the service of environmental protection, these technologies increase our capacity for action and understanding. It is an integral part of our philosophy and our values.


We are also very proud that our AquaREAL technology has been recognized by the Solar Impulse Foundation as one of the 1000 efficients solutions for the planet and have a positive impact for the future.