Predicitive Fish Farming in Mediterranean Sea

  • A continuous monitoring
  • A key parameter : oxygen
  • A 24h forecast

Our predictive offer

Temperature variations in Mediterranean Sea impact fish productions. Here, 24h oxygen forecast is essential.

Connected aquaculturists in the Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea is an ideal place for breeding sea bass and sea bream. Produced mainly in Italy and Greece, the sea bass is a species whose breeding is very well controlled from artificial reproduction to growth. Sea bream farms are also very present in the Mediterranean Sea, but their larvae rearing is more complex than for sea bass larvae. Both of these species are hardy and adapt very well to environmental changes.


Even if fish adapt to changes, their optimum growth depends heavily on good management of the environment.


Any adaptation, whatever it is, generates stress for the fish which directly influences their growth. It also makes them more susceptible to diseases. It is therefore always necessary to ensure that the conditions are ideal at all times.


An AquaREAL system (in the center) installed on a fish cage in Mediterranean Sea.


Beyond stress, food management is a central parameter in an open sea fish farm. Knowing how to find the right dosage and the right feeding time ensures that the feed directly contributes to the growth of the fish. It also makes possible to avoid the loss of food in the surrounding environment, which has significant financial consequences, but also ecological. Too much food spilled into a marine ecosystem can permanently modify its balance. Bioceanor solutions allow fish to be fed at the right time.


Placed in aquaculture cages, our solutions measure and predict the oxygen level 24 hours in advance.


Monitoring oxygen is essential here to adapt feeding methods and reduce stress to fish. Indeed, during feeding, the fish become active and thus reduce the availability of oxygen. If it is already low, then it can become critical at the time of feeding. This is why precisely monitoring the availability of oxygen and anticipating its development 24 hours in advance is a decision-making tool that is very popular with our fish farm customers.

A revolutionary method for tracking oxygen

Our systems use precise physico-chemical sensors permanently connected via a LoraWAN network and are autonomous in energy thanks to solar panels. In the Mediterranean Sea we have plenty of sun, but our systems last up to 12 days on batteries, and charge in a few hours with a minimum of sunshine.

Our customers here use our systems to monitor the following parameters: water temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, redox potential, turbidity and salinity. All these parameters are associated with the precise and ultra local weather of each site in order to provide an analysis and a prediction of oxygen in the next 24 hours. Our clients don't have to worry about analyzing their data, we do it for them. They just have to check on their mobile or computer what are the predicted trends for oxygen in the coming hours, and make the right decisions.


Discover below a Mediterranean deployment of our offer AquaReal with 3 additional sensors : temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, salinity.