SENSITHAU project launch


An innovative surveillance network for the oyster farmers !

On March 1, 2021, a new 18-month research project, led by BiOceanOr and funded by the Occitanie region, was launched.



This project is called SENSITHAU for réSeau de survEillaNce et de Suivi InTelligent pour la concHyliculture lAgUnaire.

It responded to the Avenir Littoral 2020 call for projects launched by the Occitanie region.

The consortium is made up of 4 partners: BiOceanOr, the Syndicat Mixte du Bassin de Thau, OREME and CLS.


This project is dedicated to the monitoring and understanding of anoxic episodes, microbial contaminations and algal blooms in the Thau basin.


The main objectives of the projects are :

1- Measure, collect and anticipate to create a lagoon monitoring network.

Thanks to the complementary skills of the 4 partners, different types of data will be collected (physico-chemical, samples, satellite data) in order to create a model of understanding and anticipation of unique events.



2- Measure and reduce the impact of contamination phenomena on local stakeholders.

Shellfish growers, the main economic players in the Thau basin, will be included in the project so that they can anticipate and be alerted in the event of significant anoxic episodes or algal blooms. Their data could also be taken into account to strengthen the models. A large-scale dissemination of the results of the project is planned, not only to shellfish farmers, but also to research, environmental protection and water monitoring organizations.



3- Develop a technology demonstrator.

The model for predicting anoxic phenomena will be integrated into an easy-to-use platform, which can be consulted by all the players in the sector concerned by these events. Dedicated alerts will be put in place as well as means to manually add external data to strengthen the models. The installation of the demonstrator will be effective from the end of the project.




If you are concerned by episodes of anoxia in the Thau basin and want to follow or participate in the project, do not hesitate to contact us.