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Smart Maintenance AquaSERENITY

  • Easy Maintenance
  • Trust your data

Trust your data thanks to our smart maintenance service.

On demand


Predictive maintenance of systems and probes

  • Recalibration alert
  • Geolocation option
  • "zero maintenance" option

AquaBOX et sondes - pisciculture Provence Aquaculture


  • Observe deviation due to decalibration and/or biofooling
  • Avoid false measured data
  • Integrates data from AquaREAL sensors
  • Alert to optimize maintenance processes
  • Zero Maintenance option with precalibrated probe delivery
  • Integrates data from your sensors (if the data are collected continuously at a sufficient frequency)

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Free in 2021!


With AquaSERENITY offers, BiOceanOr provides a suite of innovative services to facilitate the use of sensors. By opting for these services, you will be alerted in real time to the status of your equipment and in particular the maintenance to be performed. You will save your employees' time and more precision on the data.


Recalibration alerts are offered to you for any purchase of an AquaREAL or AquaREAL+ pack until December 2021.