Smart Maintenance for oyster farming in Mediterranean Sea

  • A monitoring close to the production
  • Indicators of microbiologic quality
  • Alerts to take preventive measures

Our smart maintenance offer

Monitoring around oyster beds in order to detect environmental changes. Here, predictive maintenance allows to always have confidence in the data.

Oysters are a reflection of the quality of the water

The production of oysters, here in the Mediterranean, is the first production of shellfish in France. French oyster farming is also the leader in Europe in terms of production, with the breeding of Crassotrea gigas, the most cultivated species in France. These organisms filter water to concentrate the nutrients necessary for their development and are by definition very sensitive to the quality of environmental water. Indeed, their good health depends entirely on the good health of the aquatic environment. They therefore reflect the quality of the water.


Continuous precise measurements

Oyster farming therefore has a great need to monitor the quality of the water around production sites, beyond regular regulatory withdrawals. To understand the dynamics of the environment and anticipate the problems of bacterial contamination, continuous monitoring is necessary. Here AquaReal has been deployed in an oyster farm to monitor temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, salinity and turbidity parameters continuously for 1 year.

Reliable measurements thanks to predictive maintenance

Continuous deployment is a source of measurement drift and sensor fouling due to biofouling. Thanks to our predictive maintenance system, our oyster farmer customers were able to act at the best time to recalibrate or clean the sensors, even before the measurement drifted or fouling was visible. This makes it possible to always be sure of the data and not to risk losing the monitoring of water quality due to unreliable data.

Predictive maintenance alerts let you know when to recalibrate and clean. This greatly facilitates the organization of teams!


Discover below the images of a deployment in the Mediterranean with the AquaReal + offer and the following parameters: temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, salinity and chlorophyll.