Who is BiOceanOr?

  • Innovative start-up
  • Experts in water quality
  • Active around the world

We are a company specializing in water quality, using revolutionary technologies (IoT and IA) to protect and enhance aquatic environments.

We are a company specializing in water quality and the use of revolutionary technologies (IoT and IA) to protect and improve the aquatic environment.


When Samuel Dupont, then a postdoctoral biologist studying oysters and their diseases, spoke with oyster producers, he was struck by the lack of information and tools available to workers to monitor water quality. The oyster producers had to travel by boat and make daily tours of the parks to get even simple measurements like temperature. Samuel and his wife, Charlotte Dupont, a biologist who works as a data scientist in the IoT field, came up with the idea of developing a practical, easy-to-use, remote water quality monitoring system.


Together, Drs. Samuel and Charlotte founded Bioceanor in 2018 to develop the first connected underwater weather station, called AquaREAL.  A system that, thanks to AI, also makes it possible to anticipate problems!


Since then, Bioceanor has received numerous awards and recognitions, including the recognition of AquaREAL by the Solar Impulse Foundation as one of the 1000 most efficient and sustainable solutions for the planet!




BiOceanOr is at the heart of the first European Technopole for Innovation, located in Sophia-Antipolis, near Nice in France. We are a team of 15 people on site, in premises that include a microbiology laboratory and a microelectronics workshop.  We also have employees in Bergen, Norway and Puerto Montt, Chile, as well as a collaboration with Cunlogan in Valparaiso, Chile to support our international development.