World Cleanup Day : Bioceanor cleans up the beach !


Let's put our gloves, don't forget the masks, and let's clean up our beautiful French Riviera beaches !

Always ready to lead by example!


Bioceanor team is very committed to protecting the oceans, but also respecting the beaches. How sad to see so much incivility and waste spread on our beautiful beaches! It was obvious to us that something had to be done on World Clean Up Day.


A Bioceanor team therefore got together to collect very (too) much waste on the beach of Golfe Juan during one morning. We found objects of all kinds, well buried under the sand or hidden behind rocks. Proof that there is still a lot of education to be done on our behavior on the beaches! Special mention to the cigarette butts which were present in far too large quantities.



The best moments of this morning were the exchanges with the people present on the beach. Some of them took a garbage bag to help us, others spoke with us about their amazement at seeing so much garbage collected. Children even spontaneously came to bring us some garbage, and we were able to explain to them why it was so important not to throw anything on the beach!


If we were able to awaken the consciences of a few people that morning, with our action and our discussions, then we are very proud of it!


Stay tuned to follow the next actions of the Blue Team to promote the preservation of the environment.


The Blue Team