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Beyond Aquaculture

Beyond our services directly addressing the aquaculture industry stakeholders, BiOceanOr is offering customised services for specific large-scale programs requiring our unique “water quality forecasts” capabilities.


Both industrial and institutional players have been leveraging BiOceanOr capabilities in different context, either highly operational or more exploratory. Local governmental agencies or stakeholders, such as Métropole Nice Côte d’Azur or the French Agency for Ecological Transition, ADEME are for instance relying on BiOceanOr.


Water utilities, such as VEOLIA are also leveraging BiOceanOr operational services within the context of more efficient operations, mitigating the environmental impact of water discharge in the watershed, or discharge strategy for treated wastewater. Same interest has been raised also by other offshore energy stakeholders.


BiOceanOr is proudly supporting a growing number of such players, wishing to leverage our AI-powered and biology-driven expertise to protect the marine environment and mitigate their environmental footprint.

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